To help your research on whether this is the right franchise opportunity for you, we have a list of frequently asked questions.

The most important asset you can bring to the table is your ability to deal with people and manage the sales process within your territory through sales calls, satisfying enquiries, and negotiating outcomes.


A feel and understanding of industrial or mechanical activities will make for engaging interactions with MAXIMUS customers.

While business skills are good to have, you do not need business experience to become a MAXIMUS franchisee. A willingness to learn our systems and procedures is all we require.


Our Franchise Operations Team will guide you through day-to-day business operations as needed.

The timeline from application to opening is influenced by a variety of factors and could take 2-4 months.

Variables include site search, property lease negotiations, training, hiring of staff, and shop fitting for a new MAXIMUS franchise; or renovations/shop modifications, business retrofitting, and hiring additional staff for those adding a MAXIMUS Trade Centre to their existing business.

A MAXIMUS franchise is marked by low entry costs. Up-front fees vary by location – city set-up costs are different from that of regional centres. For those opening a new Maximus Franchise, you can expect to invest between $150,000-$300,000.


Those who are expanding their existing business and incorporating the MAXIMUS advantage into their growth plans can expect to invest around $120,000.

Ongoing royalties are low at 2.5% of gross turnover. There are no marketing fund contributions but we advise franchise partners to spend 1% of gross turnover on local promotions.

Our Franchise Operations Team will discuss territory options with you and help select the best location based on market potential and customer demographics. We will help you find commercial real estate and negotiate lease terms.

The staff size of a MAXIMUS Trade Centre depends on the location’s size, demographics, and available markets. Our Franchise Operations Team can help you with staff requirements tailored to your needs, including recruitment.


MAXIMUS is an ideal franchise business for the family – whether for couples, siblings, or multi-generation, this is the family business you’ve been looking for!

The MAXIMUS range is comprised of fluid power and fluid transfer products needed to run Australian industries including hydraulic and industrial hoses, valves, pumps, fittings, irrigation and water products.


You will be fully backed by BAT Industrial’s 20,000 plus product lines.

Yes. Certain geographic areas or local customers might have very different product needs. Our franchise executives are always keen to expand the product range on offer to generate more business from the same customer. Simply send a request for our review and approval.

It depends on the needs of your territory as well as the skills you bring to the table. Irrigation systems design and installation and hydraulic hose services are on offer in our current Trade Centres. We will consider any opportunities that arise.

We embrace opportunities that arise from combining our business with other existing businesses such as those in hardware supplies, engineering services, trade supplies, automotive, farm equipment, irrigation and many other complementary operations.


Transitioning into the MAXIMUS product range as well as systems and procedures is easy for such existing businesses.

MAXIMUS Trade Centre is a ready-made business designed to run alongside your existing one without disrupting your current operations or imposing unacceptable demands of control. It might be housed alongside your business site, or even within it.


As the MAXIMUS business grows it can be relocated to its own site, operate under alternate management, be on-sold, or allow for changes to owners and directors – all conducive to wealth generation or achieving family ambitions.

Our Trade Centres operate Mondays to Fridays from 7.30am-4.30pm/5pm and Saturdays 8am to midday. We do not offer after-hours services which make it easier to achieve a work-life balance.

Yes, we offer multi-unit agreements upon market evaluation for those who want to own a MAXIMUS industrial franchise in more than one location.

As the MAXIMUS business grows, it accrues capital value beyond the capacity of an independent small to medium size business.


Our business model is the outcome of substantial investments over a long timeframe. The MAXIMUS franchisee is a beneficiary of these and continuous improvements to our systems.


Over the longer term and in the event of a sale, a MAXIMUS business will attract more buyers than a solo business, and at a price commensurate with the level of support in that individual business that’s generated from the MAXIMUS franchise system.


When the time is right for you to benefit from your investment, we will help you go through the process. The incoming franchisee must meet our standards of competency and training, and enter into the existing franchise agreement with all outstanding supplier accounts fully paid.

The franchising industry employs over 500,000 Australians so policymakers are keen to provide greater confidence in the sector and empower more Australians to get into franchising.


Recent improvements in the Franchise Code include more disclosure obligations, more options for dispute resolution, and maximum penalties for breaches of the Code.


MAXIMUS Trade Centres are individually franchised and as such receive legal protection and commitment to their future operations. The franchise model protects the territory and rights of the franchisee to operate, on-sell, and grow under an umbrella brand that becomes exponentially stronger as the network expands.


The Franchise Code of Australia requires franchisors to disclose key information 14 days before a person enters into a Franchise Agreement to become a franchisee or to renew/ extend a Franchise Agreement.


The idea is to help you make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the agreement. Information franchisors are required to disclose includes:

  • legal proceedings against the Franchisor or its directors, if any
  • contact details of current or former franchisees
  • start-up costs and other required fees
  • arrangements that will apply when the Franchise Agreement comes to an end


It is a legally binding contract that sets out the rights and responsibilities that both the franchisor and franchisee have agreed to when running the franchise including:

  • term of the agreement
  • rights and restrictions on the franchisor’s branding and other intellectual property
  • equipment and products required to purchase for the business
  • promotions and local area marketing requirements
  • how to settle disputes


You have a minimum of 14 days to review the franchise agreement in which time you should get legal, accounting, and business advice.

We are currently seeking franchise partners across the country for our unique franchise business – the only one of its kind in Australia.


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