Time to get out of employment and get into business ownership? Already in business but looking for new ways to grow, be more profitable, and add new energy to your operations?

Consider a MAXIMUS franchise opportunity. We are actively seeking franchise partners across the country. Be one of the pioneers of a unique franchise business in the industrial space – the only one of its kind in Australia –  in the less crowded industrial space. Grab the opportunity to own your local market.
What Goes into a MAXIMUS Franchise


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MAXIMUS Franchise 

Own a new MAXIMUS industrial franchise

A common reason why people want to have their own business is to create a better life for their family. Some hope for a better work-life balance. Many simply want a decent shot at building personal wealth to achieve the family’s goals and dreams.


From solo operators to couples working together, brothers in business, or sisters in start-ups, a MAXIMUS industrial franchise is a ready-made business that offers step-by-step guidance to support your new venture – a MAXIMUS Trade Centre – within an exclusive franchise territory under the MAXIMUS brand and system.


As the saying goes, “you’re in business for yourself but not by yourself."

Expand your existing business with a MAXIMUS industrial franchise

When you’re running your own race, pushing the business forward often ends up in the too-hard basket. The very thought of taking the next step in order to grow revenue, but work even harder and take more risks can be discouraging.
Adding a ready-made MAXIMUS Trade Centre to your current independent operations opens new markets and builds additional sales without the stress and risks of expanding the business entirely with your own resources.

Through MAXIMUS you have direct access to third-party suppliers and benefit from our volume trading power. You gain a 'plug and play' business with step-by-step guidance to support your growth within an exclusive franchise territory under the MAXIMUS brand and system.

Industrial Franchise

An industry 

MAXIMUS is the first industrial products brand to integrate hydraulic, industrial, irrigation and water products and services.

For too long, customers were sourcing what they need from one too many specialists.
We changed this.

Consolidating and simplifying the supply chain backed by IT solutions reduced the customer’s administration costs, slashed service calls and travel times. Packaged supply solutions across products groups never offered before delivered savings and efficiencies.

Staples of 

Hoses, valves, pumps and fittings are consumables that are essential to the running of just about every industry. There will always be a steady, repeat demand for fluid power and fluid transfer products from a massive customer base – as long as manufacturing, mining, construction, agriculture, irrigation, automotive, transport, marine…you get the picture…are alive and kicking.

Simple, proven
business model

The one-stop trade centre concept taking the highest volume product movers in hydraulic, industrial, irrigation and water products into one shop is a simple concept designed to maximise sales and growth. We’ve tried, tested and refined the full business format over several years to ensure it works, and will keep on working.


An affordable franchise opportunity is basic to our offer – low capital investment, a proven business model designed for optimum sales and growth, and the full support of visionary experts who built the business from the ground up make a MAXIMUS franchise business an ideal opportunity.
Owning a MAXIMUS franchise means owning an Australian business, one developed for Australian market conditions based on a long history of understanding our unique challenges.

Checklist for a good franchise business

Proven breakthrough concept
Unique in the market
Strong brand identity
Stable, not given to technology shifts and crisis
Simple, scalable and systems driven model
Affordable entry, flexible models
Established industry and franchise experience

We are currently seeking franchise partners across the country for our unique franchise business – the only one of its kind in Australia.


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